You inspire me to do things I’ve never done before

You tell me that you’ll love me always and forever

But that makes me wonder what will happen when you’re gone

When your life is at its end and your breath is kept at bay

You told me of a Father in Heaven

Who will care for me like you did here on Earth

You said He’ll protect me and keep me safe

I guess I’ll have to put my trust in what you said

Stay by his side until my own days are through

Then I’ll go to Heaven

Where I’ll have both Him and you



They say to keep dreaming

Even though it won’t come true

Not unless you take the first step

In becoming more like you


You have to try

You have to fight

You have to suffer

To gain the life

You’ve always dreamed of

Ever since you were small

That is

If you even care about your dreams at all


It’s not easy

No one said it would be

It’s not easy

But I’m getting closer

To becoming me


Life’s not a fairytale

Dreams don’t come true

You have to fight



And scratch

To get to where you want to be


Does it make you a bad person?

Not necessarily

They’d do the same to you


It’s just the way things have to be

To turn your dreams to reality



Music was in his soul

In his heart

Always on his mind


To say that music was his passion

Would be an understatement

It was his life


The way his eyes lit up

When he heard his favorite score

His mouth would move with every word

His fingers kept time with the beat


He never listened to music

He embraced it

Became a part of it


He could never get enough

I never saw anything quite like it

It fascinated me

Just as the song did to him


He was my passion

My life

My love


And now he’s gone


Roses are red, violets are blue,

Why am I getting these for you?

In the end, they’ll just be thrown away.

Besides, flowers can’t really express what I’m trying to say.


Maybe I should get a card instead.

Or, perhaps, bring you breakfast while you’re still in bed.

No, neither of those will do.

It’s simply not enough to make an impression on you.


Of course, you don’t have to make things so hard.

God, I barely know where to start!

Maybe a ring, some chocolate, or a teddy bear.

Perhaps a flower, or a ribbon, to put through your hair.


So, here we are, back to the flowers again.

Right back to where all of this began.

Roses are red, violets are blue,

Am I really good enough for you?


What can you say

While your life fades away


What can you do

When your friends turn their backs on you


The ones you thought

Would always be there

Will be the ones to leave without a single care


Echoes from the past

Haunt your present dreams

All the while your fragile life

Falls apart at the seams


Yet you’re the only one

Who can piece it all back together

You’re the only one

Who can give yourself shelter


I was sleepwalking through my life

Until you appeared by my side

You took me by the hand

And brought me into the Light


Then I fell

Dragging you beneath

Still, you refused to part with me

You gave me hope

You gave me peace

When there was none received


You give my life meaning

Yet see none in your own

Just know that I’ll be with you

Through any storm


I swear to be with you

Between all rights and wrongs

We’ve been alone

For far too long


It’s strange to think

I won’t see you anymore

You’re a shadow now

A passing thought

A memory from long before


Time steals only the best

We can never win

They’ll never understand


Don’t care what they think

Their opinions shouldn’t count

It’s your heart

That matters in the end

Not theirs


The pain will fade

But the memories last

I will never forget you

You’re part of the past